Line Philosophies

Line Philiosophies

Maintain high productivity & improve your line efficiency

In today’s demanding markets for more cost effective production solutions, glass is getting even more lightweight as a result the pressure and collision speeds imposed on the product during the production process is becoming more and more critical.

Typically clients recognise the problems associated with lightweight materials only when line efficiencies drop due to frequent stoppages and product damage.

At ControlRite we recognise these problems and have developed many control algorithms to reduce both pressure and collision speeds whilst still maintaining high productivity and improved line efficiency.

Using a cross pollination approach to product handling these algorithms are also a proven tool in the handling of beverage cans as the tendency to move to 202 can ends has introduced stability issues which can be overcome with our enhanced approach to line control.

Similarly the algorithms have been applied to keg and cask handling applications, foodstuffs (cans, jars, etc..) and PET with outstanding results and improvements in noise control, product damage, line efficiencies.


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