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Enhanced Diagnostic and Statistical Data

Efficient production lines rely heavily on operational staff. It is our philosophy that the operational staff become more effective when they have the relevant line information at their disposal.

The recent affordability of touch-screen technology has enabled enhanced diagnostic and statistical data to be made available on the production line thus assisting and complementing all production personnel.

All installations and upgrades benefit from these enhanced features and our experience shows us that clients consider this of great value as an aid to the smooth operation of their production lines.

Status information on individual conveyors, sensors and emergency stop devices coupled with line specific overviews enable operators to rectify many common line problems without the intervention of engineers.

PLC I/O mapping and machine interface status along with data logging facilities provide more detailed information should further intervention or management information be required.

Production throughputs for last hour, last shift etc are now also available providing detailed line analysis for production line managers.