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Control Systems

Control Panels & Systems to suit all applications and requirements

To complement the line designs and control philosophies our control panels are designed and built with ease of maintenance and following a modular build concept.

Control Systems

Panels are designed with future expansion possibilities built in, so should the marketing department decide on a new end of line packer, the modular design of the line control panel will enable the changes to be accommodated with relative ease.

Using either customer specified components or our own choice of high quality branded components we ensure the systems and panels produced meet the highest standards of build quality and maintainability whilst still being a cost effective solution to your needs.

All systems built comply fully with Low Voltage Directives, Machinery Directives and EMC Directives enabling CE compliance and each panel is custom designed to comply with the users component specifications.

Drawing on a wide spectrum of industries served and experience in control panel design and build we can provide panels to suit all applications and requirements from simple single bay applications to multibay and multisite units each tailored to the clients particular requirements and specifications.

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